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Service Description:

All table top houseplants are watered, fed and leached in a sink or tub during each service visit.  No water residue will remain in the plant saucer.  Large potted houseplants (i.e. palms) will be watered and fed at the plant's actual location.


All sinks or tubs will be disinfected, cleaned and dried after the service is completed.  Insect/pest control substance will be applied in a confined area (not in the customer's sink or tub).  All plant debris and other waste created during the service will be removed from the customer's location.


To request any service or for a FREE onsite consultation, fill out and send the form located on the Contact Us page.




Houseplant General Care

Our general houseplant service includes:  

  • Watering and feeding table top plants that are leached in a sink or tub. 

  • If necessary, an organic pest control substance will be applied to the infected plant in a confined area.  

  • A red plant stake will be inserted in the houseplant to alert the customer that a pest control substance has been applied.

Cleaning and Shining Foliage

A layer of dust on the leaves of your houseplants will block sunlight and reduce the plant's ability to photosynthesize (the ability for a plant to feed itself by absorbing sunlight and carbon dioxide).  Cleaning and shining foliage is recommended periodically and the plant will thank you!

Houseplant Repotting

Every living thing has the ability to grow and flourish and healthy and happy houseplants are no exception.  Houseplants can become root bound which can stunt their growth and will require a larger growing space.  Repotting services are available.  The plants are repotted in clay pots complete with pebbles (for drainage), Scott's Miracle-Gro potting medium and a plastic saucer.  Custom planters will be provided by the customer.

Large Potted Plant Care

Large potted plants are normally watered in place and over time minerals and salts build up in the soil from soluble fertilizers and regular tap water.  Leaching (or washing) the soil removes this unwanted build-up and returns a healthy growing environment to the plant.  Plant leaching is recommended once or twice a year or when the plant leaves are browning on the tips, looks wilted or the soil constantly remains wet. 

Houseplant Sitting

Going away on a business trip or vacation?  No worries!  Houseplant sitting services are available.  Call my office or fill out the form on the Contact Us page for more information.

Residential/Commercial Packages​

Residental and commercial houseplant care packages are available. Please contact me for an onsite visit and more information. You can fill out the form on the Contact Us page or call me directly at my office for additional information:  (215) 946-7744. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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